Hard Mode[edit | edit source]

Player Time Video
TheLevelBest 1:15:00 (US) Twitch
Jake Tabor 1:19:26 (US) YouTube
Fox Arcane

1:20:05 (US)

DudleyC_ 1:20:10 (US) YouTube
Carcinogen 1:20:42 (US) YouTube
TheMixedHerb 1:21:38 (US) Twitch
Br0k3nSw0rds 1:28:59 (US) Twitch

All Nemesis KillsEdit[edit | edit source]

Nemesis is not "killed" on the train as he does not go down to 0 health before Mikhail interupts

Player Time Video
DudleyC_ 1:36:14 (US) YouTube

Hard Mode (Grenade Launcher) (Segmented)[edit | edit source]

Player Time Saves Video
ZENO-Kimura 1:12:19 (JPN) 1 わいわい芸夢館
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